What Slump?

May 13, 2011 § Leave a comment

“In the words of Bob Dylan, “If you ain’t busy living, you busy dying.” Not us nephew!” – My Uncle Fred

If I told you the events that wrapped up my sophomore year of college, you might think it ended on a low note.  You would be wrong.

One of my professors this year said to work hard in class, but to cherish our time outside the classroom as well, for that’s where the real learning takes place.  I had spent most of my freshman year adjusting to a new world, and I spent most of my sophomore year learning from it.  I learned from my industry.  I learned from my friends.  I learned how to inspire.  I learned how to be with someone special, and I am learning how to let go.  I learned how loss feels.

I will keep on learning, for there is no greater joy than to continue on as a student, and I have no regrets, for every bump in the road is just a lesson waiting to be learned.  The memories of those I lost fuel me as I journey forward, and they will never burn out.

This year I have been busy living.  I cemented my place at school, met an amazing bunch of people, took unforgettable courses, tackled three internships, and managed to learn a ton about myself in the process.  USC no longer feels like Pandora, as I described it last year, but like home.  The beauty of it all is that it’s just the beginning.

At this time last year I was back in New York, getting ready for my first internship in the game industry.  This time I’m not going back.  I have a fantastic job at Disney, and I am grateful to have already met a new group of friends that will accompany me on this next journey.  After all, a journey is only as valuable as the people you share it with.

When asked why I am so enamored with the video game industry, I always respond with the same answer.  “Because no one can tell you where its future lies.”  In this regard, it is perhaps the closest industry to real life.  None of us know what tomorrow will bring, but if we don’t stay busy pushing onward, then we might as well be dead.

Have a great summer everyone.


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